Quail Eggs for Hatching

Quail Eggs for Hatching

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6 Quail eggs for hatching. Simply put in you incubator. Wait for your little chicks to hatch.


A bit of info about incubation: 


Eggs should be kept at a temp of 37.5 C - 38.0 C 


Humidity should be around 40-50% 


Eggs should be turn at least 3-4 times a day (better if you have a automatic turning incubator) but not essential.


after 14 days eggs should be put into "lockdown" which means, to STOP! turning the eggs, for the remainder of the days. Rolllers should be removed at this point but KEEP eggs in the incubator!


Quail are very easy to hatch out from eggs. A great choice for the new chick parents. 


We well package the eggs as they safty is what comes first. 





  • Damages

    Eggs will be well packaged and bubble wrapped.